Sachintha Gunasena

Building and guiding teams for crafting awesome ideas in to reality!

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Technology Stack

I have worked with below technologies during my career. See any technology that you may be using? Let's discuss how I can add value to your team!

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Project Management

I have implemented processes, managed teams of tech leads, software engineers, designers (UX/UI), and QA engineers to deliver mobile apps, web apps, and games to delight clients as a project manager.

Business Analysis

I have worked closely with clients and technical teams on aligning technical solutions with the business goals of companies as a business analyst.

Training/ Lecturing

"Learning never ends" and "Learning to learn" are two mantras I love to share. I continue to be updated on new technologies by reading and teaching undergraduates.

Software Engineering

I work with web development technologies as a software engineer, and I continue to be updated on new technologies by reading and experimenting.

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Skype me on 'sachiketi'.

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