The world slowed down within 3 months. Everyone was social distancing. Economies slowed too. Now we need to think about the next steps.

The world slowed down.

One of the most important points to keep an eye on is health. Everyone was running like clockwork before the pandemic and had very little time to think about health factor. Improving personal hygene habits and being considerate about the community will help to prevent such a scenario hereafter.

Another point is the "new normal" way of life that most people will adhere to. A socially distanced society means there will be less touch based activities in the public for example getting together in groups or having large outdoor/indoor concerts, etc. A lot of businesses will need to rethink the way they do business when they reopen their doors in the coming days and months.

New Normal is Less Touch-Based Social Life

Another important aspect of this is how we can prepare in a better way to prevent another pandemic. Technology based solutions need to be put in place to keep track of firstly the quality of things that people consume and secondly the improving healthcare system to enable early detection of health concerns to be able to keep things in control.