You hired a few employees that are looking great on the paper as well as during the interview, and you are wondering why the team has not got in to the level of increased productivity you were hoping to achieve. Don't wonder! Because having the technical skills is only one part of the equation.

There are two types of Skills.

Let me explain. Different people have different levels of technical skills and we are all aware of that fact and also we are willing to accept it. However, there is one skill that we tend to overlook - mostly because it will feel like it's not effecting anything often times.

Soft Skills Matter - A LOT!

In reality it matters a lot. Infact a team with less skilled members who work well with each other can perform better than a team with better skilled members who doesn't work well with each other.

This is because when members of the team are working well, they will cancel out each other's negative points. This results in an overall win. When hiring for this type of a team, it is important to hire a new team member who is capable of blending in with the team as otherwise a well working mechanism could be put in to jepoardy.