I am fascinated by creative things around me and I often wonder what kind of a creative mind created these. And in some cases while listening to a song and staring at the horizon from the balcony I start to thnk about what kind of a thinking process helped for these creators to create these interesting creations!

I do read about tech and creative things alot and often times I end up not having an audience to talk about the things that I think about these creative things. So I tried to see whether my old hobby of writing blogs will help start a conversation But the problem is there is like 600 million blogs out there and getting my blog noticed to a good viwership is very difficult.

600 million Blogs!

Then I looked at the other options. Most compelling options that I saw were short video clips and podcasts.

Making short video clips for platforms like Tiktok was a pretty good idea to share some small information in a quick to absorb format. This is quite a nice format for entertainment or sharing glimpses of information. However, it feels like it is not suitable for a longer discussion.

This leaves us with podcasting as the most viable option to move forward with a discussion. There are around 1.75 million podcasts around the world at the moment making it a good choice. Also the interest in podcasts is also growing.

1.75 million Podcasts - Good Potential!

Considering all these things, I am starting my podcast - Radius Mind. From this I try to explore the thought process behind creative projects and I also interview creative individuals in different fields to get an idea on the through process behind their creative work.

The idea behind the name of the podcast is a play on the idea that a light emits from your head when an idea hits your mind! This light is spread in an ideal circle around the head hence the circle distance measurement - radius.

You got to start working your idea!

The other idea behind the name is that your mind spreads in to so many thoughts - if you connect all these small glimpses of thoughts it - in thoery - will make a colorful globe (or circle) around your head!

Enough going around circles! Let's start to do this! Check out to get the latest information.