Apple is moving in to a new era for their line of computers. Starting with the beloved Macbook Air of course!

Apple is not always the first to adapt in to new technologies as they will do their homework on the usefulness of the technology as well as getting the best in terms of profitability before a new technology is adapted. However, there are exceptions to this when moving in to ground breaking new technologies.

One important factor they consider is the performance of the devices which usually beats the test of time more than most of the competitors. This is mainly because Apple has the most control of their software and hardware when compared to the competitors.

Performance Matters!

Despite having most control over the hardware, one area Apple didn't have a lot of control was the processors. They relied on Intel to provide the latest in hardware advances related to the processors. This became an apparent issue when they wanted to enhance the performance of the system architecture.

One important thing we need to understand is that the Apple In-house chips developed for the latest iPhones were on top of the benchmark tests while still being efficient to run on mobile device batteries of Apple which frankly haven't got bigger like the competitors over the time - but still they are in the top of the range with the beefiest of batteries from competitors.

Total Control - Apple Sillicon!

An in one of the surprising recent testing done by a Youtuber, iPhone 12 with A14 Bionic SOC surpassed the speed at which a video was rendered on an Intel CPU Powered decked out iMac. Which is mind blowing when you think about how far a mobile device processing power has come during the past decade or so.

Pursuit of Excellence.

Taking in to account all these details, the obvious next step for Apple was to design their own SOC for the Mac. Which is what they delivered during the September One More Thing keynote event.

When considering the performance details shown during numerous testing done by different parties, I strongly believe Apple is heading towards the right direction in the pursuit of excellence!