Everyone wants to move to online only content and marketing efforts in this day and age. Which is not a bad method given how many people consume digital content on a daily basis.

Everyone wants to go online-only.

However, around the world there are events happening which are filled with people as well! That suggests that events are still an effective way to market your product or service to a specific target group.

Big name events like Mobile World Congress, Google IO Event, Apple Developer Conference (WWDC), and Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) are some examples for sucessful events that attract a lot of foot traffic on an yearly basis. These types of events are targeted at a specific interest group. Apple WWDC, for example, is targeted at developer community. However, with time, Apple became well aware about the popularity of the event with a wider array of audience, and started to announce big name product or service introductions during keynotes.

Invest in events that attract your target audience.

Similarly, there are events happening around our cities which appeal to smaller audiences. But if you analyse it carefully you can position your product or service within such events to get a wider and perhaps more impactful reach. The impact could be better as the audience is able to see some representative from the company and maybe have a chat with them to understand the product or service more.

Having a physical presence will have a positive impact on a potential customer to understand and perhaps develop and interest on the products or services that you offer.