This years Apple World Wide Developer Conference was as expected conducted fully online. The introductions were refreshing as well.

IOS14 has a lot of new features and some subtle UI changes that gives a refreshing yet unmistakably #AAPL feeling.

iPadOS too continues to benefit from these iOS features while adding more support for iPad-centric tasks with more keyboard and mouse support along with the welcome addition of the dribble feature where you can continue your whole task without taking your Apple Pencil down.

iOS 14 Widgets are Awesome!

WatchOS 7 is a refreshing update as well. Continues to improve on health related tracking and to provide more ways to display information oftentimes in a more personal way. Which is great as the Apple Watch is the most personal device #AAPL has made yet.

macOS 11 is a big update which introduces a lot of new features as well as a refreshingly new UI.

Total Control - Apple Sillicon!

And the biggest announcement was the Mac’s move to Apple’s own SoC processors. Which is a big deal if you think about it. Because their other 3 platforms run on their own SoCs and they are the most efficient products in their categories because of the right integration between hardware and software not being able to replicate in any other device. And I was amazed to see how capable the latest SoC on the iPad is under the new Developer Transition Kit hardware. This certainly is the right move for Apple to make the experience the same across the board.

Privacy Assured.

You cannot talk about a new Apple Device or a new Apple Service update without talking about privacy. Apple, compared to the other players in the market, are doing some steps to be more transparent about how the data is being managed. Not all the steps are 100% OKAY right now. However, we should commend the steps taken in the right direction. For example, in iOS 14 - with the enhanced privacy controls - some apps were spotted asking permission for additional aspects of the OS than what is advertised as required for operation. As mentioned earlier these are early steps towards the right direction.

With all these developments, I think Apple and technology in general is moving towards the right direction to actually help people in their day to day lives without compormising on the privacy. Looking forward to other technology companies' approch to privacy and the new way of computing too.